Welcome to Wellweed, a formerly blossoming town in the american west brought alive by a nourishing stream. When the stream started to run dry with increasing frequency years ago most farmers packed up and left. Not so your parents, who tried to keep their land alive. Now, after their death, you're left with the farm and the only thing that managed to grow relentlessly over the year - the back taxes.

About Deadweed:

Deadweed is a little „farm simulation“ game in the vein of Harvest Moon with a late Wild West setting, including guns and gangsters.
It may feel a bit rough around the edges, because it is - it was created by John Garza and Alex Voelk in less than a month for the Something Awful GameDev VI competition, (2011) where it, out of 42 entires, placed 5th in the public and 4th in the judges vote.
It may be a good idea to read the hints first and explore the game world for a bit to get a feel for it before you try to reach the not too difficult goal.

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This game runs in Microsoft Windows using XNA. You will need to download and install the Microsoft .NET 4.0 runtime, and the Microsoft XNA 3.1 runtime. Download them here:

.NET 4.0 runtime
XNA 3.1 runtime

If you get an error message and a crash when you start the game, try installing both of those runtimes, even if you have a newer version already installed. If the game freezes when switching to fullscreen, make sure the game has proper permissions and isn't getting blocked by your firewall or something.


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Gameplay Hints:

A game-year lasts 8 months, ending with october - not harvested crops will be lost during the winter; not sold crops will turn bad and disappear from your inventory, excluding reefer crops.

Don't wander off into the desert or try to cross railtracks - or do, if you're curious.

You can die easily in many ways - enter your farmhouse to save your progress!

Includes the most awesome minigame ever: You have to drive the carriage/truck yourself - in one possible direction!

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